Cropped Capri Pants High Waist Flare Denim Yoga Pants Blue


Cropped Pants aka Capri pants are coming back strong in women clothing pants; We bring you the best culottes capri pants around; These women wide leg pants are very beautiful with a wide flare on leg; We are most generous in fabric and quality t... Read More

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Online Boutique Clothing: Plus Size 

We encourage all types of women to come to our store no matter their size, shape, profession, or style preference. As an online boutique clothing store that caters to women, we know that fashion is a wide range of figuring out what looks the best on you. If you’re a plus sized woman, then we carry just your size. Finding comfortable, vintage looking dresses and chic blouses that look flattering when you’re plus sized can be difficult. Fortunately, when you shop at ZoozieLA we’re able to provide you with an eclectic mix of chic blouses and vintage looking dresses. Say ‘no more’ to online boutique clothing that cuts your figure in an unflattering way or clothes that fit your body oddly. At ZoozieLA, we have many different online boutique clothing geared to make you look attractive no matter your size or style.

At ZoozieLA, we pride ourselves on offering a mix of casual business clothing, going out, and clothes for everyday wear. For plus sized women, we have an array of leggings that range from faux leather to fleece leggings. No matter what color looks best on you, we’ll be able to provide you with a mix of vibrant colors that will brighten any outfit. The dresses you’ll find below are offered in many different vibrant colors with beautiful cuts. If you like sequin cocktail dresses or tunic dresses, no matter what size or shape you are these beautiful dresses will highlight your best curvaceous features. The sweaters we offer are fun, different, and are made for any voluptuous girl. Whether you’re going to hang out with some friends and want to look fashionable or if you are going to a fancy event, our plus sized online boutique clothing is made to make you look stunning.

ZoozieLA is dedicated to not only allowing your fashion sense to expand, but to help people all over the world with resources they don’t have access to. When you buy a clothing item from us you are donating part of what you pay to an area in the world that needs a shelter, school, or another facility built for basic human needs. When you purchase from us, part of the proceeds go to focus on areas of the world that do not have the same resources as Americans do. When you purchase a chic blouse or vintage looking dress, you’re able to take look great while helping a different area in the world. If you’re looking to have a stylish closet with clothing for the voluptuous women, no matter her profession, then shop for our clothes below.