zoozie definition: the prettiest of the pretty girls. popular in the 1920s flapper era. "She's the bee's knees, a real zoozie!"


Zoozie LA is far more than just a company but a family that stands for love by reaching out to others. We produce clothing for the everyday woman. We find inspiration in those who are living in the now. The women who are going to school for a better future. The hard worker who provides for themselves and/or their family. For the women who are caring for their children. And for the women who are learning to fit in and for those who are learning to stand out. Our inspiration is women like you. We provide quality and character in every piece we deliver. We personally care for every production and every package we seal. We believe that every woman that wears our clothing will feel more bold and beautiful. 

It is important that our goals stay close to our hearts. From your first purchase, you are not just a customer, but a partner. You do good with every purchase because a portion of the proceeds is used to help those in need. Every purchase you make directly helps build shelters, schools and orphanages; and provides provision for the needy.
Zoozie LA stands for love by empowering you and others. Thank you for making a difference.


Zoozie LA is your online American-based destination for today’s trendy styles, classic, and vintage looks. Most of our items are Made in USA which allows you to have full confidence that your lovely article of clothing won’t fall apart, and tear away. Our pride and joy is to make today’s in style fashion flattering on your body, with the sole purpose in mind to make you feel and look like the beautiful individual you are. We make sure that every garment is researched, selected, packaged, and cared for with you in mind. Zoozie LA gives you todays fashion with a personal touch.


We strive for excellence and encourage feedback from you. So, go ahead and email us what you think about your outfit and your experience! We would love to hear from you!
The more you share the more we know and the better your future experiences with us will be. We promise that when you contact us that your info will not be shared and will only be used to make your experience with Zoozie LA better. If you are not happy, we’re not happy and we always make our customers happy.